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Marketing Services

Our seo team keeps track of your site rankings by monitoring some of the main search engines. We provide reports on progress in a few different ways.

Online Traffic Conversion & SEO Terms Tracking

We deploy our online Traffic Tracker which allows management to easily view what exactly is happening with your site. Real-time tracking reports show the number of visitors that have accessed your site via search engines, the exact search phrases visitors typed to reach your site, and the number of conversions made from these online visitors.

Conversions: Conversions may be actual sales or may be identified when a visitor fills out an online form to request more information about a product or service.

traffic conversion specialists
We focus on sales, not just traffic

Monthly Ranking Reports

Dallas Business Builders also tracks the progress of your selected key search phrases. On a monthly basis, your web site and management teams will meet with one of our account executive will review the current ranking progress along with other tracking data and reports. Throughout the entire project, our team of experts is available to answer questions, assist in marketing strategies, and ensure your success online.

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