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Why FireHorse Services?

Are You:

  • Not getting processed to new job sites fast enough?
  • Burning tons of gas and diesel trying to follow job leads?
  • Spending hours typing and scouring through Internet search engines and web sites?
  • Looking for job information before you need it?
  • Wanting a human resource specialist to create, review or update your job application or professional resume?
  • Having a hard time keeping up with the craft and industrial job market?

construction workers pipeline welders welding pipefitters

The big question is....why?
Many craft and construction contractors routinely work 5, 6 and 7 days a week and 10 to 12 hour days. They have a lot to handle in their short time off. Many are independent contractors without office staff to help them meet the daily demands on their time at work and home. Traditionally, these workers have lacked computer skills or time for things as simple as filling out employment paperwork, finding supplies or replacement parts, cashing checks, or finding temporary housing near their new job sites.

Concerned with finding and keeping their next big projects, these workers are skilled people who are paid well, but do not have the proper support. Administrative and other tasks such as typing job applications online, paying bills, or keeping track of important legal, medical, or personal appointments can interfere with their ability to get where they need to be on time and focus on keeping up production. What’s more, when one job or work contract has ended, they are typically in need of having a number of trade, construction, pipeline or industrial jobs to consider for the next big project.

This is where FireHorse comes in.
Our team of live personal assistants build a comprehensive list of craft hot sheets ready for you to get and keep your next big project. We develop and complete professional job history data and resumes for you too. Whether you are looking for a contractor project or a regular full-time job, we can assist in the search process before, during, and after the assignment through the services offered on We even help you complete the online employment application process and assist you with getting your paychecks cashed, bills paid on time, and keep track of your important personal schedule.

When you need to find directions to new job sites, hotels or lodging near work, or even supplies or replacement parts for your rig truck or equipment, you can find buy, sell, or trade tools and resources 24/7 on

Our goal is to help you get and keep your next big project
so you can concentrate on quality production for the job.