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New Website Launched

FireHorse Services is proud to announce the launch of their new website specializing in the industrial trades, craft, and construction industry.  After months of custom coding and industry research, they have compiled fresh job leads in an easy to search format for members. This unique membership site also allows members to create, view, and print their resume instantly anywhere around the world.


Features include live person support – someone who will answer your calls and assist you with everything from directions to local restaurants and auto repair shops. Plus, they also have a mobile version of their job search area available for all members!


This unique combination of online and off-line support is the first of its type to be found anywhere online.  Geared specifically for craft workers including welders, pipe fitters, carpenters, boilermakers, electricians, and other construction workers, this company is geared to become the leading provider of new job information in the construction industry by the end of 2008.


FireHorse Services was formed in 2008 by the merger of The Noble Groups and Secure Computer Networks of Houston, Texas.  The combination of marketing and technical services provided the perfect creative environment to build and grow a one of a kind site like www.FireHorseServices.com and www.FireHorse.mobi .



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